Consumers reported a 92% satisfaction rate for wrinkle-relaxing injections, according to survey results announced by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

“The emergence and efficacy of wrinkle-relaxing injections has made them a very popular procedure for consumers,” Timothy C. Flynn, MD, ASDS president, said in apress release. “Treatment breakthroughs … have made these procedures popular and effective.”

More than 6,300 consumers participated in the first ASDS Consumer Survey, which focused on general cosmetic procedures and 10 specific procedures, including ultrasound and light treatments, body sculpting and laser hair removal.

The highest overall satisfaction rating (92%) was given to wrinkle-relaxing injections and soft-tissue treatments. Thirty-eight percent of those patients said they were “extremely satisfied” with wrinkle-relaxing injections and 54% said they were “moderately satisfied.”

Effects of wrinkle-relaxing botulinum toxin A injections can last 3 to 6 months, according to the release, and can be used in combination with other cosmetic procedures, including soft-tissue fillers and chemical peels.

More than two-thirds of respondents who had undergone the injections (9%) said dermatologic surgeons had performed the procedures.

Excess weight was listed as the greatest cosmetic concern. More than half of those surveyed, however, were bothered by conditions treatable with wrinkle-relaxing injections, including mid-face folds and wrinkles, and wrinkles or lines near the eyes, according to the release.

“Nearly 60 percent of survey respondents said they were considering wrinkle-relaxing injections in the future,” the release stated. Delays in receiving treatment were attributed to cost (80%), fear of achieving desired results (36%) and recovery time (33%).

ASDS members performed nearly 1.5 million wrinkle-relaxing injections in 2012, according to the release, up from 1.2 million treatments in 2011.

“Not only are these procedures more affordable and available today than they have ever been before, but many require very little, if any, recovery time,” Flynn said.