Dr Moreano did my High Deffinition Brazillian But lift almost 3 months ago. What a change in my shape!!!! My husband can not stop looking at me all the time. I have curves now and even when I wear jeans I can see my new But naturally outlined in my back. I totally love my new look. Even better than before I had my 2 kids. I recommemd Dr Moreano to whiever wants to look their best.

“I recommend Dr Moreano to whoever wants to look their best”

I had a Vaser lipo done by Dr Moreano more than 8 momths ago and I am totally happy with my result. The surgery removed all my extra fat and even comtracted my extra skin. I had gone to see ankther surgeon before who wanted to cut my belly and do a tummy tuck. I am very happy I chose my surgery with Dr moreano because he understood that I wanted to avoid a permanent scar Dr Moreano was able to sculpt my body to such a degree that I now for the first time in my life I have curves!!!! He explained all the procedure in detail and his staff was very knowledgable and ffriendly. I did not experience much pain with the procedure. He did prescribed painkillers but I never needed them. Very proffesional doctor !! My result was better than I expected.

“Very proffesional doctor!”

He is very professional, I just explain to him my wishe, and gave convincing solutions, just by talking to him few minutes I could tell from he have a lot knowledge. also all his staff are very friendly

“He is very professional”

Dr Moreano did a nose job on my badly twisted nose. He teuly is an expert in nose jobs. Other doctors that I saw refused to do my surgery because they said it was a big surgery. Dr Moreano made me feel confortable and confident in his skills. The surgery was a total success. I love my new nose and my new look of my face. Dr Morea o is a nose expert. Go to him and you will see what I mean

“Dr Moreano is a nose expert”

I had a facelift 6 months ago and I am very happy with the results. Dr. Moreano answered all my questions and his staff is nice too. I LOVE how I look. Natural look just what I wanted it.

“I am very happy with the results”

He is really courteous and It doesn’t hurt when he puts all this injections.

No More Wrinkles

He was respectful and kind. He made me feel confortable

Butt Augmentation

My sister recommended Dr Moreano for my Brazillian Butt lift and Lipo. He did a amazing job on my curves. I never had a curvy waist but Dr Moreano gave me a fantastic new figure. My Butt is now more lifted and fuller, but not exagerated. I am waiting for good beach weather to go to the beach and waer a 2 piece bathing suit that I have not worn for so long. Dr Moreano is a sculptor and surgeon. I went back to work after two weeks and everyone at work was amazed. I now recommend the doctor 100%.

“I now recommend the doctor 100%”

I had Dr Moreano do my nose job about 4 months ago. I LOVE the result. It looks very natural but definately 1 million percent better than before. My nose had a large hook, especially on my profile shot. Dr. moreano is an artist and surgeon for sure. He explained the procedure to me in simple language so I understood completely what was going to happen during and after aurgery. I chose him to do my surgery after visiting two other doctors because he gave me total confidence in his skills.. Plus, he has also worked on famous celebrity noses si I knew I would be in good hands. I recommend the doctor without hesitation at all.

“I LOVE the result”

He was very nice and made me feel very comfortable