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Live with Coco – September 26
Live with Coco – October 3

Fat transfer: which areas of the body most benefit from Fat Transfer?

Live with Coco – October 10

How to best get rid of the “turkey neck”

Live with Coco – October 17

Which Plastic Surgeries are best done in the Cold Weather months.

Live with Coco – October 24

Which cosmetic surgery procedures improves the appearance the most!! Going from not so good looking to extremely gorgeous!

Live with Coco – November 7th

How long is the recovery from Modern Vaser Lipo?

Live with Coco – November 14th

How long is the recovery from Modern Vaser Lipo?

Live with Coco – November 29th

Which treatment is better to remove facial wrinkles: Botox or Laser ?

Live with Coco – December 29th

Which procedures are the best to get you looking young when you have little time to recover.

Live with Coco – January 9th

New Years Resolutions in Cosmetic Surgery: what do people want the most!!!

Live with Coco – January 16th

Which cosmetic procedures are best done in the Winter?

Live with Coco – February 6th

What is new in Facial Rejuvenation

Live with Coco – February 13th

how to get a new Hollywood type body

Live with Coco – February 27th

Topic : to look beautiful, do you aleays have to use the scalpel?

Live with Coco – March 13th

Topic : What is the most popular cosmetic procedure right now?

Live with Coco – March 20th

Topic : What are the best treatment for wrinkles?

Live with Coco – May 8th

Topic : What is the hottest cosmetic procedure this season?