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An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, in NYC is an ideal procedure for patients who are struggling to improve the appearance of their abdomen. Loose skin, pockets of excess fat, and stretched-out abdominal muscles can make it impossible to attain a flat and toned stomach. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edwin Moreno can provide you with the personalized surgical care and natural-looking results you need.

What Is an Abdominoplasty?

An abdominoplasty is an operation that is designed to reshape an abdomen that has stretched beyond its ability to return to normal. This stretching can occur through pregnancies or weight gain and loss. The abdominoplasty procedure removes excess skin (usually creating a new belly button) and fat while the underlying muscles are tightened.

An abdominoplasty can often be combined with breast surgery and other body-contouring surgeries. Some people who have had liposuction also choose to get a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin remaining after the procedure.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

Good Candidates for a tummy tuck should be in good overall health and should have realistic goals and expectations. Patients with loose or sagging abdominal skin, stretched and separated muscles along the abdominal wall due to weight changes or pregnancies, and pockets of fat across the stomach can benefit from a tummy tuck.

Women who have immediate plans to conceive should postpone their abdominoplasty until after childbirth, since pregnancy can negatively affect the procedure’s results. Patients who are not yet at or near their ideal weight should also hold off the procedure, because weight fluctuations can also change the results.

Smokers will need to quit smoking several weeks before the date of their abdominoplasty operation. This is because nicotine can have adverse effects on the recovery process and the surgery itself.

Your Abdominoplasty Consultation

During the consultation for your tummy tuck, you will discuss your goals with Dr. Moreano. Aside from discussing your concerns about your physical appearance, the doctor will perform a physical examination. He will go over your medical history, including allergies and past procedures.

Dr. Moreano will also show you abdominoplasty before and after photos. These can help you get a clearer view of the procedure’s potential results.

You will receive preparation and aftercare instructions. Your doctor might ask you to refrain from taking certain medications and supplements before and after the procedure, so make sure to tell the doctor about all current medications and supplements.

The Mini Tummy Tuck

For patients where the sagging skin is mainly in the lower part of the abdomen, the mini-abdominoplasty is an additional option. This procedure is not as extensive due to a smaller incision that is easily hidden under a two piece bathing suit. The abdominoplasty procedure is done as an outpatient procedure. The procedure is combined with liposuction of the waist to provide a shape with improved curves.

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How Abdominoplasty is Performed

The procedure is performed at an accredited outpatient facility. Anesthetic options include local anesthesia with conscious sedation or general anesthesia. The actual placement of incisions and design of the abdominal incisions vary depending on the looseness of the skin, the amount of fat to be removed and the condition of the overlying skin and prior scars. Standard abdominoplasty tightens all of the abdominal wall skin leaving a standard scar in the lower abdomen

Mini-abdominoplasty can usually be performed under conscious sedation on an outpatient basis. Mini-abdominoplasty tightens the lower abdominal wall skin only leaving a shorter scar. One small suction drain is inserted in full abdominoplasty procedures.

Recovering After Your Tummy Tuck

  • Discomfort is usually controlled with oral medications.
  • Recovery will be at home with a responsible adult caregiver.
  • Drains are removed in 2-3 days.
  • Sutures resorb spontaneously.
  • A compression garment with dressings over the incision sites is used.
  • Light activity may be resumed in 7-21 days. Sports will probably not be comfortable for about 6 weeks.
  • An abdominal binder (compression garment) is usually worn for 4-6 weeks.

What Results Can Be Expected?

A smoother flatter abdomen and a smaller waisline.

Before & After
Before & After

* Individual results may vary.

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Abdominoplasty Cost

Each procedure is personalized to address the unique issues of the patient. Price can vary based on the techniques used and the amount of work required to attain the patient’s ideal goals. Financing options are available to help you cover the cost of the procedure.

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