In addition to serving as the chief plastic surgeon and medical director of Moreano Plastic Surgery, Dr. Moreano is also the founder and co-director of the Moreano World Medical Mission. Every year, Dr. Moreano travels to Latin America to perform free reconstructive surgery on impoverished children born with physical deformities. The next Mission will take place later this month when Dr. Moreano and a volunteer team of medical doctors travel to Ecuador to treat about 300 low-income children suffering from medical problems that require the expertise of a plastic surgeon, ear, nose and throat surgeon, urologist and dentist.

This year’s team consists of surgeons from around the U.S.:

  • Dr. Edwin Moreano, specializing in plastic surgery (New York)
  • Dr. Ted Eisenberg, specializing in plastic surgery (Pennsylvania)
  • Dr. Dick Hoistad, specializing in ear surgery (Washington)
  • Dr. Sandra Skuvland, specializing in nose and throat (Minnesota)
  • Dr. Kip Bodi Surgery, specializing in urology (New York)
  • Dr. Maria Herrera, specializing in dentistry (New York)
  • Dr. Rovi Berenholtz, specializing in anesthesiology (New York)
  • Dr. Jawahar Joseph D’Souza, specializing in anesthesiology (New York)
  • Dr. Paul Herger, specializing in anesthesiology (North Carolina)
  • Dr. Marion Rowe, specializing in anesthesiology (North Carolina)
  • Dr. Gregg Gordon (ophthalmology), New York

The Mission team will also include 30 doctors, nurses and technicians from around the U.S. who are donating their time and expertise to heal those most in need.

The Moreano World Medical Mission is part of the nonprofit organization Middle of the World Foundation and been completing medical missions to Ecuador since 1999 and the Dominican Republic since 2003. The Mission has helped thousands of children by performing free reconstructive surgery.