“I always wanted to help”

Edwin Moreano is a renowned plastic surgeon from Ecuador, New York, which created the foundation “Middle of the World Medical Mission” to help underprivileged children with malformations, in his native country and in Dominican Republic. Cadillac has distinguished him as “Latino Hero”. Know its history.

How did the idea of ​​free surgeries?

“The idea of ​​returning to Ecuador and start doing free surgeries campaigns began in 1999. And since then, every year we returned and the group of surgeons who have joined our free surgeries campaigns has increased. Every year, we reconstructions Free plastic surgery, eye surgery, nose surgery, ear and throat, and dental. ”

How Did the foundation?

“I started the organization with my sister in 1999, and then began to recruit fellow friends of mine from different specialties, some we graduated together. We realized we had to form a nonprofit organization to obtain donations of equipment for our work on a larger size. was then that we formed the organization “Middle of the World Medical Mission.” This is a non-profit organization in the United States, and through that organization meet many specialists, nurses, anesthesiologists, physicians general, that help us do our work, not only in Ecuador, but also in Dominican Republic.”