When it comes to knowing what’s popular and what’s officially passé in the world of aesthetic enhancements, no one knows better than the doctors performing the treatments and surgeries themselves. When asked which trends they believe are about to make it big in 2018, here’s what they had to say.

1) Use of the Laser for all surgeries and non surgical treatments treatments

“We’re seeing a lot more lasers and treatments being used together for a unique, and improved outcome,” Lasers make surgeries more detailed and speed up the recovery process.

2) Treating lines before they surface

Dysport and Botox are becoming much more popular with younger clientele “baby botox”. “People are not waiting for lines to form before they start neurotoxins”. “Prevention is key, and patients in their 20s and early 30s are getting treated before the lines are apparent and before the lines become cracks in the skin.”

3) Operating-room abs are here to stay

“The sculpting of athletic abs using a specialized form of liposuction, aka ‘high-definition liposuction,’ is going to be big in 2018,”. “It consists of Vaser liposuction, but with additional contouring around muscle groups to enhance the appearance of the muscles. It delivers the appearance of a six pack without spending all your free time in the gym.”