Just like people, boobs come in all shapes and sizes.

With cup sizes ranging from AA to K and above, no two pairs are the same.

But a recent study has revealed the happiest size is a C-cup.

More women wearing this bra size reported they felt satisfied with their boobs when compared to other sizes

The national UK survey, conducted by Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, asked 871 women what they felt about their chest.

Some 39 percent of women with a C-cup said they loved or liked their boobs out of five options including didn’t mind, disliked or hated their breasts.

The next happiest size was a D and DD, with 37 percent of women saying they loved or liked their size, followed by 34 percent for A and AA.

Next was an E-cup, with 29 percent of people happy with their size, but just 27 percent of women with a B-cup either loved or liked the breast size.

The size which had the most women “loving” their boobs was a D or DD, with 11 percent just selecting the love option.

And despite the broad range of opinion, regardless of cup size, 38 percent said they “didn’t mind” their breasts.

And a further 25 percent said overall they “like” their chest.

Michael Saul, a partner at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, said: “It is very encouraging to hear that most women in the UK have a positive attitude towards their breasts and that only 18 percent of respondents would consider cosmetic surgery.”

Interestingly, it was also revealed how bra sizes can influence a woman’s personality.

Those with the biggest and smallest sizes said their chest had a big impact on their life.

Some 27 percent of women with E-cups thought their boobs had influenced their personality, as did 25 percent of women wearing an A or AA bra size.

The survey included anonymous quotes, with one women revealing: “I had to learn to be aware of how I dress and act because, since they’re big, I’m automatically considered indecent, hypersexual or unintelligent.

“I have to make an effort to be taken seriously.”

While at the other end of the spectrum, this woman confessed: “If they were bigger, I think I’d be more confident. Not to show them off or anything, but I’d feel better about myself.”