Protox is a cool way to keep you looking cool under pressure. Great for high powered executives and frustrated housewives alike, it can truly change the way the world perceives you!

It’s not easy keeping a poker face. I mean there are so many times when I meet people and it would be beneficial to keep a straight face, but sometimes it’s just so hard! When a patient tells me they believe that urine is the best shampoo, seeing my eyebrows raise up to my hairline in shock isn’t good professional etiquette. The teenager who admits to not washing their face for 10 months and comes to me severe acne doesn’t need to see me frown in frustration. People like me, in professions where you really have to look at your clients without judgement, need a solution. Luckily, that is where ProTox comes in!

I’m sure everyone has heard of Botox, with celebrities from Gwenyth Paltrow to Sharon Stone owning up to their regular Botox usage to keep their lines at bay. But few of you actually know what this agent really does. Botox is botulinum toxin that acts by locally paralyzing the muscles that are causing wrinkles. These could be your forehead lines, your “elevens” or your frown lines in the middle of your forehead. They can even be necklines giving us that turkey neck appearance or lines around the mouth, commonly referred to as “smoker’s lines”. When done correctly, Botox can smooth out all of these problem areas while still allowing you enough expression to look natural. If you use too much, you can literally look completely expressionless…not something the average Joe wants. Botox typically lasts 3-6 months, so it needs to be repeated. However, as time goes on and you use those muscles less and less, the lines begin appearing much slower!

So, now that we are clear on what Botox is, let’s get down to the variation of it called ProTox. Professionals need Botox too, but it’s not to simply get rid of unwanted lines and wrinkles. No no, no honey, we got bigger fish to fry! Protox is to make sure that no one knows what you are thinking. It is designed to literally freeze your face into a non-judgmental and calm look, so no one can tell what you are thinking. PS: It’s also great for when you want to lie to your spouse about those extra credit card charges. Can you imagine going to a therapist and knowing they are judging you while talking about the sex you had last night? Or going to a gynaecologist who visibly looks horrified at the fact you are thirty and not married? Or maybe you are a professional poker player trying to hide that royal flush to win the game. Even Sherlock Holmes could have used some Protox when he was animatedly investigating his suspects.

Personally, I have had some great cases of professionals getting Protox. My favourite was the yoga teacher who wanted to always look calm and serene when doing postures. She told me that she always tells yogis to do facial yoga to get rid of wrinkles, but she herself always needs to get her Protox so she can show everyone how great yoga is for the skin! Another fave was the housewife who didn’t want to nag her husband or look angry at her children, so she wanted the frown lines on her forehead completely removed! Truly, Protox has so many applications when you are trying to avoid showing what you are actually feeling on your face. To be frank, I could stand to use some Protox myself when confronted with the daily litany of employees claiming that their great aunt or cousin’s father’s uncle is dying in Coimbatore and they need leave for 3 weeks.

But Protox doesn’t just stop there. It is also great to stop the sweating on the forehead, the hands, the feet and the underarms. How many celebs, models and socialites come in needing that sweat beading on their forehead to be gone? And many powerful business people really need to make sure their handshakes are truly powerful, so a little Botox on their palms clears it all up! Let’s not forget the models who are in shoots all day and really don’t have the luxury of having smelly or sweaty underarms. For them, Botox or Protox every 6 months is a life saver! It protects the clothes and the rest of the team’s sense of smell!

Now, here is my caveat. Protox isn’t as easy as it seems. While it seems simple to just pump the face full of Botox, a little professional artistry is needed. Which expressions do you want to keep and which do you want to remove? How frozen do you really want to be? What will look natural and suit your face and not make you look completely frozen while still keeping you expressionless? It really is an art as much as a science. So whichever doc you choose to help you do your best at work better have experience at giving you the look you want. Ultimately, Protox is a cool way to keep you looking cool under pressure. Great for high powered executives and frustrated housewives alike, it can truly change the way the world perceives you! I mean who doesn’t want to look inscrutable in the face of whatever comes our way? A little mystery never hurt anyone.

Stay beautiful everyone!