The surgery is called dimpleplasty…

Would you go under the knife to get dimples?

How we look nowadays is entirely up to us now… well kind of, but not really. Confusing right? We know, it seems like all the apps and filters we use to modify how we look on pictures is not enough as some people has taken this appearance thing to a whole new level. And by that we mean surgery – people are going real permanent.

It started with fuller lips, a bigger bottom, then boobs and now, among many other things, it’s dimples. That’s correct, you can get man-made dimples! The procedure is called dimpleplasty Keen? Here’s all you need to know about it.

What is it?

Yup, like faux freckles, you can now fake dimples too. The operation involves an incision inside the mouth and through the cheek, going into the under-surface of the skin. In theory, when the suture is tied, it should leave a natural-looking dimple in the overlying skin. Surgery takes about 30 minutes and can be performed under local anesthetic.

Why are people opting to go under the knife?

This one’s purely cosmetic. “Dimples possibly add character to one’s smile,” In some cultures, it’s believed that dimples are a symbol of good luck, but science defies this.

“Natural dimples are actually formed due to weakness in the underlying muscle where the skin adheres to this area. When the muscle contracts, its weakness is visible as a dimple,”. Because of this, making dimpleplasty a difficult procedure.