Nanofat grafting softens scars, reduces skin discoloration and makes wrinkles less prominent, according to a new Swiss study by Semra Uyulmaz, MD, et al, published in Aesthetic Surgery (April 2018).

The researchers treated 52 patients—40 scars plus six patients with wrinkles and six patients with discoloration—using nanofat grafts prepared by a standard emulsification and filtration protocol. The liquid was injected intradermally or directly into scar tissue, wrinkles or dispigmented areas. Three physicians compared and analyzed standardized pre- and posttreatment photographs. Patient satisfaction was also documented.

Post-treatment follow-up was 155 ± 49 days and the average volume of harvested fat was 165cc (taken from the abdomen and flanks). The volume of nanofat injected ranged from 1 to 25mL (mean, 4.6mL). Clinical evaluations at follow-up showed a marked improvement in scar quality, which included softening of the scars, a reduction in skin discoloration and a decrease in the depth and appearance of wrinkles; patients reported high satisfaction with the procedure.