As a soon-to-be duchess, Meghan Markle is used to influencing fashion trends. From coats to berets to mismatched earrings, everyone and their moms wants to look like the 36-year-old and her outfits always sell out within hours of her wearing them. But Markle’s closet isn’t the only thing affecting the public—according to plastic surgeons, so is her nose.

Markle’s nose is inspiring plastic surgery trends worldwide for its refined tip definition and natural-looking hump. The trend began after Markle announced her engagement to Prince Harry in November and patients flooded in asking for rhinoplasties to match her nose.

Meghan Markle's Nose“What’s really great about her profile is she has nice tip definition,”

Markle’s nose has a barely visible hump as one of the main reasons that her nose has become so popular. “When you look at her side profile, she has a little hump,” . “The great thing about it is that it’s kind of imperfect and I think that’s great for the beauty standard.”

But for those who want Markle’s nose but are on the fence about going under the knife (or spending the money),there’s a temporary, cost-effective way to look like the duchess-to-be. “There’s something called a liquid rhinoplasty, a nonsurgical rhinoplasty, that we use dermal fillers for,”.

Meghan Markle's NoseThe procedure, which is known as a “liquid nose job,” is designed to refine and reshape the nose in under 10 minutes. The injections, which offers a natural look, lasts up to a year and requires almost no recovery time.

Patients can also view a screen, showing them what their nose will look like after the injections. “I think it’s a really great option for someone who’s not ready for surgery and is looking for that instant fix and to see if they really like the look of it,”