Just when you thought you’d heard it all, the beauty world comes up with something you never knew you always needed. In response to more and more women feeling the pressure to have their butts in fighting shape come swimsuit season, doctors have turned to one unconventional treatment to solve their saggy bottom woes — booty facial.

The first medical grade, non-invasive treatment to help get your buttocks photo-ready just in time for your vacay. Since its inception, there’s been a large spike in the treatment’s popularity (about ten requests per week, and that doubles as summer approaches). Surprisingly, the spa-like experience appeals to a wider range of women than one would think. “We see women with perfectly shaped, round backsides, but with skin that had color irregularity, cellulite, and pimples,” he notes.

“With bikini season approaching, people are paying attention to the appearance of their behinds just as much as their face, if not more.”

So how does it work? It is designed to improve the appearance, texture, and overall health of your skin back there courtesy of traditional facial treatments. Each 45-minute treatment begins with a full skin analysis to inform a customized plan. The doctor uses a gentle cleanser and follows up with a microneedling treatment to improve the outer layers of skin and remove surface imperfections.

Though patients can experience some mild redness for a few hours to a day after the appointment, more firm, clear, and smooth buttocks can be seen in a matter of days. Depending on each specific client’s needs, the service can cost around $500, and multiple sessions are completed in order to get a “tip-top tush.”