Health Campaign

In Ecuador it is estimated that congenital cleft lip is up to 18 percent, while the presence of several fingers, either in hand or foot is 13.5 percent.

That’s why Moreano World Medical Mission, founded by Dr. Edwin Moreano a Jackson Heights, NY, plastic surgeon, will perform today at the conference registration reconstructive surgeries in the province of Chimborazo.

Congenital malformations, burns, skin tumors, cleft lip, ear surgery, nose, throat, deafness, children born without ear canal, chronic throat diseases are, by a pre-diagnosis, will served in the military hospital in the city of Riobamba from 18 to 22 April for low-income children.

The brigade will have the support of private enterprise, Ecuadorian Armed Forces, anesthesiologists, surgeons and nurses American members of the mission.