It’s well known that beauty ideals vary drastically by nation, but physical standards within a specific country can also differ just as much as they do across the globe. Need proof? Well, the American Society of Plastic Surgery recently released a study that reveals the most popular plastic surgeries in each territory of the United States, proving exactly which features people in those areas like to emphasize the most. Surprisingly, no procedure falls in the number one spot for more than one region.

In the study, data was broken down by region—the Northeast, Southeast, South, Midwest and West—to demonstrate the most popular procedures of 2017. Ultimately, the results were unpredictable, with the Western states (like Washington, California, and Nevada) most likely to get breast augmentations while the Midwest (think Kansas and Minnesota) frequently choosing lip reduction surgery.

On the other hand, southern states like Texas and Louisiana were more likely to get hair transplantation, a procedure that didn’t rank in the top five spots for any other region. The Southeast (like Florida and Georgia) was more interested in buttock implants and the Northeast (New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania) received more male breast reduction surgeries than anything else.